'Chéhab, Azar and Aoun is a Lebanese law-firm established in 2008. Through its lawyers and its specialized partners, the firm offers a full range of legal and paralegal services.

The firm was born from the merging of the skills of three lawyers: Béchir Chéhab, Walid Azar and Bachir Aoun. Each of them brings to this collective body his personal specialized professional experiences, forged along a long career.

Our Mission is to develop with our customers a relationship based on trust, transparency and a professionalism meeting international standards. We offer in particular an exceptional international mobility.

The firm serves a large clientele of individuals, businesses, owners and real estate developers. A close collaboration with specialized partners from different backgrounds, allows us to offer a professional presence that goes beyond the strict legal framework.

Does the natural child inherit under Lebanese law?

In the Islamic law, a natural child can only inherit his Mother and her family. The opposite is also applicable. For non-Muslims, the law doesn't cover all cases, but in general, the natural child gets only half of what he would have gotten if he was a legitimate child.

Inheritance under Lebanese Law / What is the system that applies?

Under the Lebanese Law, inheritance is subject to two different laws:
For Muslims, the Sharia laws applies. For non-Muslims it is the law of 23 June 1959. This system is of public order. It applies to all inheritances occurring in Lebanon and to all properties existing in the country.

It is also very important to know that a difference in religion with the deceased simply prevents from inheriting. This applies to spouses from different religions.
A difference in nationality could also prevent one from inheriting, as the Lebanese law applies in this case the law of international reciprocity.

Marriage and matrimonial system: What is the system that applies on the properties of the spouses under Lebanese Law?

The system that applies on the spouses under Lebanese Law is the system of the separation of properties. This system applies automatically if the marriage is held in Lebanon. Those married abroad under a different system (e.g. community of properties) can usually choose to abide by that system. But the Lebanese courts hesitate to apply automatically this system. The courts can opt to interpret the will of the spouses when international law rules are called upon.